Karl Rove’s Next Talking Points

Coming to a Fox News show soon: Yes, Obama seems to have a great family now, but what would happen if Michelle met with an accident that cause her to be disfigured in some way or to gain weight? You can tell just by looking at him that Obama’s the kind of guy who’ll leave her and the kids and marry an anorexic heiress. Probably a martini heiress.

Next up: You can tell just by looking at him that if Obama had a temper problem and if he was a dick he’d call his new heiress wife (see above) ugly names in public. You can tell just by looking that he’s the kind of guy that would do that if he were an entirely different person.

Do we want to take a chance on a guy would we can see just by looking might behave that way if he’d made different choices, had a different temperament and values and was living a different life than the one he has? Do we?


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  1. Posted by southernvoice on June 26, 2008 at 8:44 am

    So Fox news has ruffled some tail feathers. The Rupert Murdochs of the world have a way of doing that.

    Ole rupert is a jew who is destroying the Republican party and he can fight it out with the liberal jews who have destroyed the democratic party and they are welcome to obama.

    They can all take a flying leap as far as I’m concerned and we would be well rid of the entire lot.


  2. I don’t know what this is about Zen but as the name Fox is involved in it, it can’t be anything good because Mr Murdoch has a habit of poisoning everything he touches.


  3. Do we want to take a chance on a guy would we can see just by looking might behave that way if he’d made different choices, had a different temperament and values and was living a different life than the one he has? Do we?

    Sure…why not? We already took a chance on a guy who was portrayed entirely differently than the pampered, inbred, millionaire, megalomaniac that he actually is. 😉

    As Chris Rock so succinctly put it when asked, “Do you think America is ready for a black president?” … “I don’t see why not. We were ready for a retarded president.”


  4. I’d rather take a chance on Obama, even with what I consider to be your faulty premise, than a man who left the mother of his children for a beer heiress. We already know how John McCain would react to a new hottie. He just did it.


  5. Posted by ann on September 8, 2008 at 2:49 am

    Why don’t people wake up and smell the coffee? The unenlightened moralizers always looking to spread “dirt” among us, have their lopsided spin on John McCain leaving his first wife, when they were married and together for less time than he spent at the Hanoi Hilton as a guest of the “Geneva Convention, what’s that?”,brutal, North Vietnamese. Evidence abounded that his wife was unfaithful at a alarming rate while he was a prisoner. I guess the “modern judger” in these times expects all people that have been the recipient of an “adulterous spouse” to scream loud and long and bring it to the attention of the public rather than just quietly getting a divorce without pointing fingers and blame. This is known as being a “Lady” or a “Gentleman.” something that has long been lost in our downward spiraling society. The first McCain marrige is hardly a marriage to use as a measuring stick in making snap judgments on the integrity of both individuals. His first wife was young, alone for years and made her choices. He was a captive for 5 years and people change under those conditions in many ways. Does everyone stay in love, when they haven’t seen each other for over for nearly 6 years? I doubt it. If Cindy McCain,had been poor rather than a working woman with a wealthy father (Flash! Cindy McCain didn’t become an heiress until her father died, and John and Cindy were married for years before that occurred. Plus,he’s been married to the ‘Hottie’ for 20 years)would that have made a difference in the judgment calls and scurrilous remarks regarding McCain’s divorce. You bet!
    And if McCain’s divorece is the main criteria one uses to put a pro-Mulsim marxist,whose American citizenship is seriously in doubt and being questioned via a law suit: Berg v Obama, rather than an proven born-American citizen who is really the only candidate who has “fought for us.” into office, it is a sad commentary on the values and the brain power of American citizens.


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