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Moving again

I’ve had a bad case of blogger’s block for quite some time.¬† There are reasons for it. I even kind of know what they are. I missed blogging but just couldn’t do it. Sometimes starting a new one is the cure and this is one of those times. I start over a fair amount, but I’m hoping this will be the absolute last time. Maybe. I started my new blog back at Blogger and it’s called ZenYenta 2.0. Right now it’s in alpha. I’m hoping to get it into beta form by the end of the week.

I’m taking most of the blogroll I developed here with me. That’s Right Nate, Blog de Ford, Roadkill Refugee, Writechic Press and others were great finds and I hope to do better keeping up with them than I have in recent months. I haven’t got them all up yet, but over the next week or so I hope to be in order there. So, if you visited here, I hope you’ll stop over there¬† and say hi.