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Too much information, Rush!

Rush gives us an unasked for peek into his fantasy life. We all know what it means when he protests too much, – after the drug thing and all –  but we don’t need that picture in our minds.


Help O’Reilly Retitle his book

“A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity”. That is the actual name of a new O’Reilly tome Apparently Billo has an unlimited ability to absorb mockery. Well, as long as they spell your name right, eh? You can vote on an alternative (more accurate) title in Newsweek’s poll.

Michelle on the View

Michelle ObamaI just caught up with the rest of the world by viewing some clips of Michelle Obama’s appearance on The View today, courtesy of Roadkill Refugee. So now maybe she’s reassured a few people that she’s not that much of a scary militant even though at some point in her life she might have noticed that she was black and, even more terrifying – that being a high achieving black woman in America carried with it some complications. That seems to make people uncomfortable. I mean, we’re not bigots you, know. We’re OK with people being black- within reason – as long they’re willing to assure the rest of us that it doesn’t mean anything one way or another and they’re just happy to be here.

The reviews are in and mission accomplished, apparently. The pundits mostly seemed to be reassured that this beautiful, brilliant and accomplished woman might not decide to turn around and set fire to that American flag at the next campaign rally after all.

That’s all great and everythinig, but let’s not overlook her biggest coup on this day. She looked fabulous in a dress that retails for $99. And that’s assuming she paid full price. She could have gotten it on sale. At this time of year it could have gone for as much as 30% off or maybe even more. She’s Jackie Kennedy good looking, but on a human budget. We’re going to be able to watch these people at the inauguration without wincing in vicarious embarrassment even once. That’s change I can believe in.

Big Al Speaks At Last

Al Gore has finally endorsed Barack Obama. You know he’s been wanting to. You could just tell. If only he had been able to orate the way he did tonight back when he was running for president he might have won by enough to actually take office. It’s really something to think that the history of the world has been so radically affected by the respective speaking styles of two men – and one who prevailed can’t even speak. Unfortunately not much has changed in that department but hopefully it’ll work in our favor this time around.

Watching pundichat ahead of the endorsement tonight was generally irritating. They were giddy with the thought that Al might run for VP with Obama. That might be interesting if anyone had even suggested that they had sources to lend an iota of credence to the idea. If they did I didn’t hear them say so. He was standing on same stage as Barack Obama and saying good things about him so that’s reason enough to speculate that he or she might be the choice for veep. The fact that Al Gore was vice president for 8 whole years and then was elected president before being deselected by the Supremes hardly caused a blip in the bloviating. To be fair, someone – I think it was Jeff Toobin – did say that he probably could have been the presidential nominee if he’d wanted to and he didn’t seem to want to, so it was unlikely that he’d want to be the VP again. I mean -couldn’t they come up with something more original as a subject for speculation? Don’t the talking heads ever get tired of themselves? Just wondering.

Wow – Just Wow!

I think the Secret Service should have a talk with this woman:

On edit, I did contact the FCC.

Chris Matthews – Doin’ It Right

Chris Matthews humiliates right wing loudmouth ignoramus.  We need more of this. Demanding that they know what they’re talking about is a huge step in the right direction. Putting the analogy in the proper perspective is hitting that hardball right out of the park. I’d love to see Bush get put in the same position.

News Corp pulls bid for Newsday | Reuters

News Corp pulls bid for Newsday | Reuters

Yes! Oh, there is no cause elation. According to Tim Bolger in the weekly paper, The Long Island Press (published before this latest news), no matter who gets the paper it looks like the immediate future will involve personnel cuts and reduced quality. And the paper has been kind of thin of late as it is.  Newsday’s had its ups and downs over the years. It’s always pro-growth. That’s the nature of things, but there was a period when it was indiscriminately  pro-development of any kind.  Come election day you could look in Newsdays voter guide and if there was a proposition to vote on that had environmental impact of any kind you couldn’t go wrong by voting whichever way was the opposite of what the paper recommended. It’s calmed down a lot since those days, though and tends to back more responsible development.

One of our less attractive qualities here is NIMBYism. We tend to say Not In My Back Yard to worthy projects as well as objectionable ones.  I don’t much like that about us, but there are exceptions. I welcome affordable housing, for instance, but I’m not ashamed to say that I don’t want Rupert Murdoch in my back yard.