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OK, this is beginning to look good

Seeing that John McCain has conceded and all, and Obama has been projected to win 338 electoral votes as of this moment it might be safe to exhale. McCain gave one of the most best and most gracious concession speeches ever. If he’d run that way tonight might have turned out differently. Thank you for that, Senator. And  to Sarah Palin – Suck it Sarah.  If we never hear that really annoying voice inciting hate again it’ll be too soon.

And another  Suck it to the guy that Mr. Yenta encountered in a deli this morning. The guy was talking to someone in there about the election and said, very audibly, “In the end, everyone will pull the white lever.” 
“White lever? What the fuck is the white lever?”, Mr. Yenta inquired.  

“Yeah, the white lever!” the guy explained, in a mildly threatening manner. 

So to that guy all the knuckle draggers who think like him – Suck it!

And a big Thank You to Barack Obama and the legions of people who accomplished this thing. And well wishes for dealing with the incredible set of problems that the Bush administration has left behind.

Oh, almost forgot – a huge Suck it to each and every PUMA that’s still prowling around.


Karl Rove’s Next Talking Points

Coming to a Fox News show soon: Yes, Obama seems to have a great family now, but what would happen if Michelle met with an accident that cause her to be disfigured in some way or to gain weight? You can tell just by looking at him that Obama’s the kind of guy who’ll leave her and the kids and marry an anorexic heiress. Probably a martini heiress.

Next up: You can tell just by looking at him that if Obama had a temper problem and if he was a dick he’d call his new heiress wife (see above) ugly names in public. You can tell just by looking that he’s the kind of guy that would do that if he were an entirely different person.

Do we want to take a chance on a guy would we can see just by looking might behave that way if he’d made different choices, had a different temperament and values and was living a different life than the one he has? Do we?

Not Change that Hamas Can Believe In

Turns out that Hamas isn’t so crazy about Obama.  His message of hope is failing to resonate with them. This is really gonna hurt – McCain.

Meanwhile, back at Diane Feinstein’s place, there’s been a confab going on which includes both Obama and Clinton. Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on a wall there? Or not…

No rejecting or repudiating for Holy Joe

I see where Joe Lieberman is going to be the keynote speaker at Pastor Hagee’s Summer Psycho Summit. And he’s been there before. I guess this is his first year getting top honors. The question this raises in my mind is what’s John McCain going to do about it? Lieberman’s head is so firmly up McCain’s butt I’m afraid that it might take a surgical team to remove it.

Republican, thy name is Mud

Republicans of a featherFrom Politico: In order to win the general election this fall McCain will have to sort of pretend not to be a Republican. That’s going to be particularly exhausting since he’s been spending so much time pretending he never considered not being one.

Things are so bad that many people don’t even want to call themselves Republicans. The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press has found the lowest percentage of self-described Republicans in 16 years of polling.

Sounds a bit like the country is considering coming to its senses, doesn’t it?

Virtual Bubble Wrap

No time for real a post today. I’m going to have to stay up late just to catch up with what’s been going on in the world.  Before I do that, I’m going to take a wild guess that I’ll find that most of the major media have foregone analysis of McCain’s health care proposal and what it would mean to the average person in favor of wall to wall coverage of Jeremiah Wright. Am I close?

In case I was, here’s something to do while you’re trying to keep your head from exploding:
Virtual Bubble Wrap

McHealth No Care Plan

Bush, McCain - BFFOK, so McCain has come out with his health care plan and the verdict is – Won’t help, might hurt. Surprised? Me either.  If I recall correctly it’s similar to an idea that McCain’s BFF, Bush proposed only worse in some ways. Worse than Bush. Chew on that for a while.

He’s talking about a tax credit of $2,500 a year for individuals and $5,000 for families, and maybe – just maybe – working with the states to arrange for people who would currently be denied coverage due to health problem to be allowed to purchase coverage. If they can afford it, of course. Tax breaks currently afforded to business for the provision of health insurance to employees would be ended. Of course, for a lot of people employer tax breaks are moot because either their employers have stopped offering coverage or their employers have stopped employing them. We are having a recession, after all.

The organization I work for pays an average of  $15,600 a year per employee for a family plan and approximately $6,000 for individual coverage. McCain’s plan would leave a family with over 10 grand a year to pay. That’s not going to cut it. What is there about people not being able to afford things that  Republicans find so very hard to understand?