McHealth No Care Plan

Bush, McCain - BFFOK, so McCain has come out with his health care plan and the verdict is – Won’t help, might hurt. Surprised? Me either.  If I recall correctly it’s similar to an idea that McCain’s BFF, Bush proposed only worse in some ways. Worse than Bush. Chew on that for a while.

He’s talking about a tax credit of $2,500 a year for individuals and $5,000 for families, and maybe – just maybe – working with the states to arrange for people who would currently be denied coverage due to health problem to be allowed to purchase coverage. If they can afford it, of course. Tax breaks currently afforded to business for the provision of health insurance to employees would be ended. Of course, for a lot of people employer tax breaks are moot because either their employers have stopped offering coverage or their employers have stopped employing them. We are having a recession, after all.

The organization I work for pays an average of  $15,600 a year per employee for a family plan and approximately $6,000 for individual coverage. McCain’s plan would leave a family with over 10 grand a year to pay. That’s not going to cut it. What is there about people not being able to afford things that  Republicans find so very hard to understand?


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  1. great post….and I dont know why they don’t get it…Hill’s plan is not much better- I watched her speak on cspan…and there she was saying that we should be able to pay up to 10% ( although the single payer plan that I was trying to pay – before I got cancelled due to my health history-family hx of…..anyways….it was costing over 600/month)…..anyways this amount 10%- WHO can afford that… one…

    and Caps that she has proposed are not going to help either….and

    McCain spoke about health issues- and said that people need to walk and eat better….to prevent disease….I was stunned- eating and walking is not going to fix what ails us- or 50 Million without healthcare….


  2. Yeah. That’s the other thing. I’ve got a condition that would prevent me from getting insurance in some markets. No one knows what causes it, I don’t think. But no one is suggesting that there’s any kind of healthy living that would prevent or even mitigate it. And the same is true for so many people.

    And no, we couldn’t afford 10% either. We don’t have 10% left after paying the bills we have. They’re out of their minds.


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