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Moving again

I’ve had a bad case of blogger’s block for quite some time.  There are reasons for it. I even kind of know what they are. I missed blogging but just couldn’t do it. Sometimes starting a new one is the cure and this is one of those times. I start over a fair amount, but I’m hoping this will be the absolute last time. Maybe. I started my new blog back at Blogger and it’s called ZenYenta 2.0. Right now it’s in alpha. I’m hoping to get it into beta form by the end of the week.

I’m taking most of the blogroll I developed here with me. That’s Right Nate, Blog de Ford, Roadkill Refugee, Writechic Press and others were great finds and I hope to do better keeping up with them than I have in recent months. I haven’t got them all up yet, but over the next week or so I hope to be in order there. So, if you visited here, I hope you’ll stop over there  and say hi.


Liveblogging found

Among others, Americablog is liveblogging, plus there were a couple of photos from the rally out front.

Saturday is RBC day at our house

I realize that I’m now a week behind in “Wednesday Next President” blogging and I think I missed two Fridays worth of Grandkids blogging. I blame the media. There’s been too much to take in, not leaving enough time to regurgitate it here, let alone do self-indulgent things like fill out future online family albums and pass that activity off as a blog post.

In fairness, it was a busy weekend followed by a short week. We did get some things done. I’m very pleased to report that our household is now in possession of a copy Scotty’s book. It’s not my turn to read it yet.  Some things are worth waiting for.

Of course, the main thing that’s going on is that it’s RBC day. The rules and by-laws committee of the DNC are meeting to decide on what’s to be done about MI and FL. And there will be a protest outside by Clintonistas and friends. Today I’m looking around for some good live blogging of the meeting. I know it’s going to be on C-Span soon and I believe Mr. Yenta has it set to record. I’m going to be checking in and out but since I have to go do errands it would be great to find a blog where you can get a synopsis every so often. One thing that’s certain is that there will not be a whole lot of other people in the produce aisle who’ll be anxious to go home and get  up to speed on what’s happening with the Rules Committee.  Once in a while it occurs to me how few normal people think much about the things I obsess about. You, too. If you were a normal person you wouldn’t be reading this. Might as well face it now.

One other really important thing did happen this week and I’m very late in mentioning it. Jon Swift is back! Blogtopia celebrates! We missed his writing and we were worried about him.  He is, in fact, Not Dead. He claims there’s no book deal. I don’t understand it. If not a book, at least some magazine should be paying him for his stuff. He’s better than a lot writers with good gigs. If you’ve never read him you’re in luck. He’s not only back but you can enjoy his archives for quite a while before running out of reading material.

Meme Alert!

I’ve been memed by Nate, my token conservative blogger friend/wayward adopted virtual nephew. This is a pretty decent meme because you don’t have to make a long list. Instructions as follows:

1. Write the title to your memoir using 6 words:

My memoir would be titled “While We Were Making Other Plans” right now. Everything’s subject to change without notice.

3. Link to the person that tagged you:

That’s Right, Nate

4. Tag five more blogs:

Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Blog de Ford

Falling On A Bruise

Soup Is Not A Finger Food (Her blog title actually qualifies if she wants)

WriteChic Press

Thanks to Time Goes By

Before heading off to work, I want to thank Ronni Bennett for the link. I wouldn’t have asked, having almost dropped out of blogging/commenting for quite a while. After a while it’s just embarrassing to keep saying, “I’m back from that unplanned hiatus – again.” Therefore, I was pretty surprised to see a link to Senior Moments on Time Goes By. I am hoping that, while we’re sure to experience slowdowns, we’ll be able to keep a more steady level of service at Senior Moments.

Ronni is kind of the consumate Elderblogger. Not the eldest by a longshot, but in fact, she may have invented the term. I’m not sure about that. Anyway, thanks so much to Ronni for the link and for her wonderful blog.

Bloggers – Opinionated. Moi?

“Are bloggers opinionated?”, asks Chris Garrett on Performancing. He’s asking for opinions. Well, yes, but more so than the next guy – I’m not so sure. Most people are pretty opinionated about some things. Some people are very opinionated about most things. Maybe it’s because I live in the NY metro area, but almost everyone I know expresses a couple of passionate opinions per conversation. Often with gratuitous expletives. And they don’t have to be about real important things. New Yorkers can get pretty animated about almost anything.

I recall that one day at work there was a group of women talking and one of them said very heatedly, “It was terrible! Totally wrong and it was unfair! Disgusting. I’m going to write to Fox right away!” and on and on. I’m thinking, Hoo boy, what outrage has Fox News committed  now. I was just about to ask and to give a big “Right on!”, when it became clear that they were talking about American Idol. I don’t have opinions about that, but they sure did. Very, very strong ones. I don’t think any of them have blogs. Wouldn’t even consider having one. I wish they’d all start one. Then they might have less time to send out e-mail forwards that won’t have the desired effect unless the recipient sends it on to five or ten of more victims friends.

I’d be willing to be that for most bloggers over thirty, newsgroups and messageboards were the gateway drugs. I know they were for me and I was way over thirty even then. How many hours and how much bandwidth has been spent battling over the merits of Microsoft vs Apple, PC vs Mac vs Linux, Netscape (remember Netscape?) vs IE vs Mozilla products in general vs Opera, POP vs MAP, tables vs divs and of course whose HTML editor sucks the most?

Then there was music – Your favorite band sucks. And religion. You’re worshiping wrong. Or too much. Or not enough. Or, most likely, the wrong God. I don’t know for sure, but I bet there are some spicy discussions on foodie boards somewhere on the interwebs.

There was something to get anyone’s blood pressure up, but the discussions move pretty fast. You go away and come back and on a busy board you might not even be able to find the dead horse you wanted to beat. With blogs, you can post an article and if people want to show up and flog it they can continue to do so for days if they so desire. Or longer. They’re made for it.

For myself, I don’t think I ever started a single blog with the purpose of expressing a lot of opinions. The opinions just show up and insert themselves, or so it seems. They kind of bubble over. OK – that might indicate an opinionated person, but that brings me back to the question – who isn’t? Really, I just found that I like the process. I like having a place to kick a thought around and if what I’m saying doesn’t resonate with anyone, that’s OK. They can move on and maybe come back another day. I like having conversations with people, too. I’ve just been doing this blog for a little over a month and have “met” some real great people. I Also, I like having a website of sorts and I don’t have a reason in the world to have my own. Running others doesn’t count the same way. A blog can be a good way to scratch that itch.

You know what, though? I’ve found since I’ve been expressing my opinons to strangers on the interwebs I have fewer pointless arguments with folks offline. Maybe bloggers are pretty opinionated after all and blogs serve as a safety valve so we can be less obnoxious to friends and family. What do you think?


I almost missed it, due to being attacked by my own sinuses. Haven’t been too functional for a lot of today. But today it was one month since I moved into WordPress. and I had wanted to mark the day. Looks like I just made it.

The platform is wonderful, as everyone has been saying for years now. I’d tried a WordPress blog elsewhere a couple of years and some versions ago, but the spam comments made me give up on it. There seemed to be no way to deal with them other than ineffective filtering or moderating comments and there’s no way I can do that in a timely manner. If people go to the trouble of commenting, I want their comments to show up quickly. Askimet seems to have solved the spam filtering problem extremely well.

One of the first things to do after settling into a new neighborhood is to meet a few of the residents. WordPress makes it easy to find bloggers with similar interests. There are about a gazillion great blogs right here on WordPress, so one is never done looking, but I’ve met some lovely, friendly people. Some of the very first ones were  mdking of WriteChic Press, Meg, who writes Soup Is Not a Finger Food, raford from Blog de Ford, and of course there’s Nate (That’s Right Nate) , who’s like that oddly conservative nephew who you just know will come around in time because his heart’s in the right place.

Since then, I’ve followed links and come across a bunch more excellent ones, some of which  can be found on my blogroll, along with some old friends and must reads that I had linked on my old blog. I still need to  to finish up going through the old blogroll and add links here. Then I’d like to take advantage of the Pages feature and have some photo pages. And then think of some other stuff to do.

All in all, it’s been a very enjoyable first month, blogwise.  I’m not trying to set the world on fire, here. I just enjoy blogging and reading other blogs. I’m glad I decided to try it out here and I want to thank WordPress for all the free goodies and to thank the people here in the neighborhood who’ve dropped in to say hi and make a newcomer feel welcome.