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Pain in the….

Everyone knows that a feature of getting older for most of us is the onset of various aches and pains. Even if we’re very stoic and never mention how we suffer the noises we make getting in and out of chairs will give us away. A good day is a day when it’s only dull aches and no intense discomfort of one kind or another. And yet we function just fine with that. It becomes pretty normal to have a little pain the back, stiffness in the knees and to know when the weather is about to change because all your joints start bitching at you.  I mean, I think we tolerate these minor things very well.

All of that certainly applies to me, but it’s only recently (earlier today) that it occurred to me that it’s something of a trade-off. I bought new sandals. On sale. Great price. They fit perfectly. They’re shaped just like my foot. And now I’ll work on breaking them in and I only hope that they work out. My closet is littered with sandals that fit perfectly but that I don’t wear because they rub against some part of my foot and I can’t get past the point where they start to be comfortable.  I tend to just wear a pair that would be starting high school in the fall if they were a kid.  I had to break those in, too, but that was years and years ago, when I could tolerate the temporary discomfort.  And pants. When I was my granddaughter’s age I used to have to lie down on the bed to zip up my pants. Everyone pretty much did. If a friend was around it would become a group effort. I stopped being able to tolerate that years before the eyesore factor raised it’s ugly head ass. Pantyhose are annoying to most normal people these days but I caught the tail end of the pre-pantyhose era. Garters. Sitting all day with metal garters digging into the backs of your thighs is really not fun, but it was just how it was. Now if I can really feel my clothes at all it ruins my day.  So I’m wondering if pain is like worry.  I think most people have a certain worry quotient no matter what’s going on. If confronted with real problems we worry about them, but if things are relatively mellow we’ll worry about less important and/or likely things.  So maybe it’s the same with pain or discomfort and we just have to self-inflict until nature starts doing it for us?