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Rednecks for Obama


Rednecks for Obama

Rednecks for Obama

Despite what the RW will try to tell you, you can be all salt of the earthy and common sensical and smart and discerning all at the same time.


Google Chrome

While I was watching the conventions and trying to keep up with all the revelations about that woman from Alaska, it seems I missed a truly huge event this week. After years of rumors on the subject Google finally came out with  its own browser. It’s called Google Chrome (BETA, of course). It’s been out since Tuesday and I only heard about it tonight.

So far, I’m liking it.  For one thing it’s fast. Really, really fast. It kind of  reminds me of Gmail when it was brand new. It had a lot more features than you’d have thought from the deceptively simple interface. Same with Google Chrome.  Gmail was also lacking some features in its earliest incarnation.  Seems to be the same with Google Chrome.  But you can be pretty sure they’re coming.  In the meantime, The Google Operating System blog has a bunch of tips about less obvious things you can do with it.  

I’m psyched. It’s been a long time since there was a really and truly new browser to try.