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Liveblogging found

Among others, Americablog is liveblogging, plus there were a couple of photos from the rally out front.


Saturday is RBC day at our house

I realize that I’m now a week behind in “Wednesday Next President” blogging and I think I missed two Fridays worth of Grandkids blogging. I blame the media. There’s been too much to take in, not leaving enough time to regurgitate it here, let alone do self-indulgent things like fill out future online family albums and pass that activity off as a blog post.

In fairness, it was a busy weekend followed by a short week. We did get some things done. I’m very pleased to report that our household is now in possession of a copy Scotty’s book. It’s not my turn to read it yet.  Some things are worth waiting for.

Of course, the main thing that’s going on is that it’s RBC day. The rules and by-laws committee of the DNC are meeting to decide on what’s to be done about MI and FL. And there will be a protest outside by Clintonistas and friends. Today I’m looking around for some good live blogging of the meeting. I know it’s going to be on C-Span soon and I believe Mr. Yenta has it set to record. I’m going to be checking in and out but since I have to go do errands it would be great to find a blog where you can get a synopsis every so often. One thing that’s certain is that there will not be a whole lot of other people in the produce aisle who’ll be anxious to go home and get  up to speed on what’s happening with the Rules Committee.  Once in a while it occurs to me how few normal people think much about the things I obsess about. You, too. If you were a normal person you wouldn’t be reading this. Might as well face it now.

One other really important thing did happen this week and I’m very late in mentioning it. Jon Swift is back! Blogtopia celebrates! We missed his writing and we were worried about him.  He is, in fact, Not Dead. He claims there’s no book deal. I don’t understand it. If not a book, at least some magazine should be paying him for his stuff. He’s better than a lot writers with good gigs. If you’ve never read him you’re in luck. He’s not only back but you can enjoy his archives for quite a while before running out of reading material.

Summer Reading

We’re very excited to learn that Scotty McCellan has written a book. He’s been missed. Dana Perino tries and she’s a very pretty girl, but no one says, “We will not comment on an ongoing investigation.” like Scotty. Dana may use that line, but Scotty really owns it, you know?

Politico has actually read the book and tells us that it’s harsh. It seems that Scotty learned, somewhere along the line, that the stuff he was spewing to the press during his tenure was utter bullshit. Or, as he put it, badly misguided. He didn’t know at the time. No one told him anything. A lot of the time the president didn’t know anything either. We kinda thought so.

No rejecting or repudiating for Holy Joe

I see where Joe Lieberman is going to be the keynote speaker at Pastor Hagee’s Summer Psycho Summit. And he’s been there before. I guess this is his first year getting top honors. The question this raises in my mind is what’s John McCain going to do about it? Lieberman’s head is so firmly up McCain’s butt I’m afraid that it might take a surgical team to remove it.

Wow – Just Wow!

I think the Secret Service should have a talk with this woman:

On edit, I did contact the FCC.

Humor Fail

File under It Seemed Like a Good Idea At The Time:

Authorities in southern Germany said Saturday that they have taken custody of a 7-month-old boy after his parents posted an ad on eBay offering to sell him for one euro, the equivalent of $1.57.

Peter Hieber, a spokesman for police in the Bavarian town of Krumbach, said the baby was placed in the care of youth services in the southwestern Allgaeu region, although the child’s 23-year-old mother insisted that the ad was only a joke.

Well, I thought the listing was pretty witty:

“Offering my nearly new baby for sale, as it has gotten too loud. It is a male baby, nearly 28 inches (70 cm) long and can be used either in a baby carrier or a stroller,” police quoted the ad as reading

.The mom was probably sleep deprived and you don’t have to tell us Americans what kind of gaffes exhaustion can produce. We know.

Hillary Needs Help – Now

This is beyond politicking. This is more like decompensation. She needs help, Right now. At first I was skeptical of this quote because it came from the NY Post. Rupert Murdoch’s rag is not where I go to become informed.

“My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. I don’t understand it,” she said, dismissing calls to drop out.

But, in fact, her campaign has offered a “clarification” which is really more of a reiteration:

“She was simply referencing her husband in 1992 and Bobby Kennedy in 1968 as historic examples of the nominating process going well into the summer. Any reading into beyond that would be inaccurate.”

Right. That’s what we thought she was saying and it’s beyond the pale. And she doesn’t understand why. I’m serious about her mental health. The Bosnian sniper story was alarming, not merely because it was untruthful. It was alarming because it was a batshit crazy thing to say. There were other people there. There was video tape. How do you say something like that and not expect it to be revealed as a lie? There’s no way if you’re operating on all cylinders.

She will not drop out of the race because, as both statements illustrate, she’s become detached from reality. I know the DNC has its own agenda for bringing this to an end in the most diplomatic way possible. That ship, however, has sailed. Something’s got to be done sooner, rather than later. And if Bill is there enabling this it’s beginning to rise to the level of abuse.