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Getting to know Sarah

This is the most Sarah Palin I’ve seen to date.  Up to now I’ve only seen video clips and not nearly all of them that are out there.  She strikes me as kind of repulsive. Sorry, but no one on Earth is that folksy. And I really don’t think she knows what “Achilles Heel” means. However, since she didn’t visibly piss herself, I guess she did OK.


Is it Palin or Fey?

It’s Tina Fey, isn’t it? Quite the prank, eh? I think this time she went a little over the top with the impersonation.

Debate Night!

I thought it would be nice to return to regular blogging (I hope) with liveblogging tonight’s VP debate.  We’re watching the warm up on MSNBC. (We went back to Cablevision and have MSNBC again – Yay!). Chris Matthews has been floating the proposition that Palin needs to prove she’s not dumber than a bag of nails. No Republican strategist seems to want to sign onto that idea. Now Keith is on, helping to manage expectations, God bless his little heart.

As it turns out, I probably won’t do that much liveblogging, though,   because we’ll be playing Palin Bingo here.  A lot of people are planning drinking games, but I’m not really much of a drinker and probably won’t do that much imbibing unless McCain should win this election. If that should happen, sobriety might not be our friend.