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OK, this is beginning to look good

Seeing that John McCain has conceded and all, and Obama has been projected to win 338 electoral votes as of this moment it might be safe to exhale. McCain gave one of the most best and most gracious concession speeches ever. If he’d run that way tonight might have turned out differently. Thank you for that, Senator. And  to Sarah Palin – Suck it Sarah.  If we never hear that really annoying voice inciting hate again it’ll be too soon.

And another  Suck it to the guy that Mr. Yenta encountered in a deli this morning. The guy was talking to someone in there about the election and said, very audibly, “In the end, everyone will pull the white lever.” 
“White lever? What the fuck is the white lever?”, Mr. Yenta inquired.  

“Yeah, the white lever!” the guy explained, in a mildly threatening manner. 

So to that guy all the knuckle draggers who think like him – Suck it!

And a big Thank You to Barack Obama and the legions of people who accomplished this thing. And well wishes for dealing with the incredible set of problems that the Bush administration has left behind.

Oh, almost forgot – a huge Suck it to each and every PUMA that’s still prowling around.


OMFG – It’s Election Day

Like most Democrats, I’m terrified by all the good news. I haven’t posted in ages because every time I get online I just get obsessed with hitting Refresh on  to see what’s changed in the last 15 minutes.  The polls and the omens continue to be apallingly good.  Obama has maintained his lead, The Redskins lost and  the majority of Dixville Notch’s votes have gone to a Democrat for the first time in 40 years.  Now it’s just a matter of getting through the day  without any type of coronary incident.

I don’t say that lightly. We spent much of Election Night in ’04 in the ER with my mother. It wasn’t a cardiac thing. It was a mini-stroke that happened when it became clear that Bush was probably going to be returned to office. It started a downhill slide into dementia that ended with her death a year and a half later.  I wish she was alive and well enough to get through this one. I wish she’d made it to the 2006 midterms, at least.  They’d have made her feel a little better about things.

It’s probably at least 12 hours until we know anything. I’m going to work and then to vote (no early voting in NY) and try to get through this day.  I’m going to try to keep in mind that no matter what happens this election has been historical in a good way. We’ve proved that candidates other than white males can compete now.  Neither race nor gender will be an insurmountable barrier to the presidency any longer and that’s a huge step forward.  And if that’s not enough, we’ve proved that Democrats can be organized and unified.  Barack Obama has already made history in two ways and the election is just beginning. Not bad, really.  It’ll be good for our children and grandchildren but not enough consolation if Sarah Palin ends the day a heartbeat away from the presidency. At least I know that I, for one, am going to have a hell of a time holding onto any sense of historical perspective.

Now I’m going to work and then to vote (no early voting in NY) and try to get through this day. I wish Barack Obama, Joe Biden, us and the world luck.

Grumpy Old Men for McCain

Thanks to Badtux!

Make it so, Number 1!

Q: Do you still think the Democratic race can be resolved before the convention?Reid: Easy.

Q: How is that?

Reid: It will be done.

Q: It just will?

Reid: Yep.

Q: Magically?

Reid: No, it will be done. I had a conversation with Governor Dean (Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean) today. Things are being done.

Las Vegas Review Journal

Your mouth to God’s ears, Harry.