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Getting to know Sarah

This is the most Sarah Palin I’ve seen to date.  Up to now I’ve only seen video clips and not nearly all of them that are out there.  She strikes me as kind of repulsive. Sorry, but no one on Earth is that folksy. And I really don’t think she knows what “Achilles Heel” means. However, since she didn’t visibly piss herself, I guess she did OK.


Debate Night!

I thought it would be nice to return to regular blogging (I hope) with liveblogging tonight’s VP debate.  We’re watching the warm up on MSNBC. (We went back to Cablevision and have MSNBC again – Yay!). Chris Matthews has been floating the proposition that Palin needs to prove she’s not dumber than a bag of nails. No Republican strategist seems to want to sign onto that idea. Now Keith is on, helping to manage expectations, God bless his little heart.

As it turns out, I probably won’t do that much liveblogging, though,   because we’ll be playing Palin Bingo here.  A lot of people are planning drinking games, but I’m not really much of a drinker and probably won’t do that much imbibing unless McCain should win this election. If that should happen, sobriety might not be our friend.

Watching the debate

Well, almost a half hour into it and it’s all “Gotcha!”, directed at Obama, so far. Assuming that you have to figure that they’ll spend some time on Clinton, too. Issues? Maybe there’ll be some time at the end.

Update: Left the room and now they’re hitting Clinton with Bosnia.In

Obama taking the extreme high road here. After Clinton piled on a bit regarding Wright and Bitterness, Obama refuses to go there tonight on Bosnia. Seems to be begging for questions about issues.

OMFG! Inquisition on Obama’s position on….the flag! And the famous lapel pin or lack thereof.

Now it’s a question about Ayers. This is a real bad night for the issues. Clinton is pressing the “relationship” with Ayers. She clearly doesn’t know where the high road is at all. Updated to say I’m really disgusted with ABC and, very sadly, Hillary Clinton.

8:53 – A question about Iraq. Only one hour into the debate and there’s a question on an actual issue.

Taxes, now. It doesn’t make for dramatic TV, because the disagreements here are pretty small. Each candidate is making a case for how they’d do things. Either set of policies would be such an improvement if only they could actually happen. That’s the tricky part, of course.

9:25 – Guns! Bang, bang.

Question to both: As president how might you use George W. Bush’s experience?

Both tried to be somewhat diplomatic. Clinton says that one will take careful thought. Obama says he’d be more likely to take advice from H.W. I was hoping one would say, “As an example and a warning to others. ” This would be more effective, of course, if Dubya could spend his retirement in Leavenworth. Ah, if only…

Debate over. I think that this was more of a plus for Clinton, but only because it was one of her best appearances lately. She looked and sounded crisper and more composed than she has out on the campaign trail in recent days. Obama, on the other hand, has been just fine out on the campaign trail and didn’t bring anything much special to this one. Also, if the media were being kinder to him than Clinton in the past, that certainly wasn’t happening tonight. They hit him with the kitchen sink, in fact.

I doubt it changes many minds at this late date in any case. It wouldn’t have changed mine if I hadn’t already voted, anyway.