Michelle on the View

Michelle ObamaI just caught up with the rest of the world by viewing some clips of Michelle Obama’s appearance on The View today, courtesy of Roadkill Refugee. So now maybe she’s reassured a few people that she’s not that much of a scary militant even though at some point in her life she might have noticed that she was black and, even more terrifying – that being a high achieving black woman in America carried with it some complications. That seems to make people uncomfortable. I mean, we’re not bigots you, know. We’re OK with people being black- within reason – as long they’re willing to assure the rest of us that it doesn’t mean anything one way or another and they’re just happy to be here.

The reviews are in and mission accomplished, apparently. The pundits mostly seemed to be reassured that this beautiful, brilliant and accomplished woman might not decide to turn around and set fire to that American flag at the next campaign rally after all.

That’s all great and everythinig, but let’s not overlook her biggest coup on this day. She looked fabulous in a dress that retails for $99. And that’s assuming she paid full price. She could have gotten it on sale. At this time of year it could have gone for as much as 30% off or maybe even more. She’s Jackie Kennedy good looking, but on a human budget. We’re going to be able to watch these people at the inauguration without wincing in vicarious embarrassment even once. That’s change I can believe in.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I love your comments on the drivel that the media and its consumers manufacture on Michelle and Barack. Wait until they are installed in the white house. Won’t the drivel producers/consumers have a time with that sentence. All the vulgarity I can just imagine this happy day will generate. Your blog, blog title, attitudes, politics, etc., are refreshing.


  2. Thank you so much!


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