Big Al Speaks At Last

Al Gore has finally endorsed Barack Obama. You know he’s been wanting to. You could just tell. If only he had been able to orate the way he did tonight back when he was running for president he might have won by enough to actually take office. It’s really something to think that the history of the world has been so radically affected by the respective speaking styles of two men – and one who prevailed can’t even speak. Unfortunately not much has changed in that department but hopefully it’ll work in our favor this time around.

Watching pundichat ahead of the endorsement tonight was generally irritating. They were giddy with the thought that Al might run for VP with Obama. That might be interesting if anyone had even suggested that they had sources to lend an iota of credence to the idea. If they did I didn’t hear them say so. He was standing on same stage as Barack Obama and saying good things about him so that’s reason enough to speculate that he or she might be the choice for veep. The fact that Al Gore was vice president for 8 whole years and then was elected president before being deselected by the Supremes hardly caused a blip in the bloviating. To be fair, someone – I think it was Jeff Toobin – did say that he probably could have been the presidential nominee if he’d wanted to and he didn’t seem to want to, so it was unlikely that he’d want to be the VP again. I mean -couldn’t they come up with something more original as a subject for speculation? Don’t the talking heads ever get tired of themselves? Just wondering.


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  1. Back in the days before it became a two horse race between Hillary & Obama, I was rooting for Al to join the race and for a while the signs were that he would consider it. Seems that he is one of those politicians whose star seemed to rise as soon as he stepped outside of politics.
    You are right that it does make you wonder what might have been if only he had got those few extra votes in 2000.


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