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Professor Karen O’Connor appeared on Washington Journal this morning. She clearly would have preferred for Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic nomination, but was eminently reasonable about the importance of supporting Barack Obama now. At least she was reasonable when we consider that we all look at these things through our own particular lenses. I tended to agree with some of the last few callers during her segment who reported becoming increasingly turned off by the Clinton campaign as time went on. She didn’t agree with their points and at times didn’t seem to see them at all. That’s OK. There’s no real point to rehashing all this with someone who’s agreed that we need to be on the same team now.

What was bizarre was how, after saying that she thought the complaints about Hillary’s aura of inevitability and/or entitlement were because she was a woman and dismissing the argument that there was so much focus on Bill because this particular candidate’s spouse used to be the President, she kept referring to Hillary as President Clinton. Not once, but several times, including when discussing whether she would or should be chosen as Obama’s running mate. I think she might need a little more time to decompress.


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  1. I have seen quite a few American commentators on the TV over the weekend and there is a consensus that choosing Clinton as VP would be suicide.


  2. Posted by raford on June 8, 2008 at 11:49 pm

    I think a lot of Hillary supporters need to decompress, like you said, Zen.

    I’ve never been on the winning side of a Democratic primary until now.

    In those races, I said I would not vote for Mondale, Dukakis, Clinton, and Kerry.

    But I always sucked it up and voted for those clowns.

    The overwhelming majority of the Clinton people will do the same, I think.


  3. I’ve never been on the winning side of a primary either, but I don’t think I ever said I wouldn’t vote for the Democratic nominee. Of course, until this year we voted fairly late in the process. Given that, maybe I just never felt as invested in the process. I did work for Clark, but he was long gone before we ever voted.


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