Conventional Wisdom

By tonight the last primaries for the presidential nomination will be done and over. It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? It doesn’t seem like any more than a hundred years ago that they started. A few weeks ago I couldn’t wait until this thing was wrapped up, but now I’m pretty sure I’ll miss them when they’re gone.  Stockholm Syndrome has kicked in at last.

Sometime in the next few days Hillary Clinton will suspend her campaign or else she will take it to the convention. Maybe.  She’s having a huge Good-bye party tonight or it’s just a Thank-you event. She’ll endorse Obama or she’ll put a curse on him. She’s angling for Vice President or she’s not interested. The Obama campaign is considering offering VP or they’re cool to the idea. The party will begin to unify around the presumptive nominee or it will continue to be divided.

All this and more is to be found all over  your friendly series of tubes known as the interwebs as well as cable news stations everywhere. I’ll be here, making plans as to what to with my life after there are no more primary contests.


3 responses to this post.

  1. It does seem to have gone on for ages but i was reading today that Hillary has already began thinning out her campaign team. Just hope she goes with a ringing endorsement for Obama and doesn’t try and hobble him in anyway with one eye on running again in the next election.


  2. yeah…what Lucy said…100 years is so accurate…it really has felt so long….I am glad that it is over…I think…yeah..I think it is over…soon…


  3. Yes, finally over. And now to the GE!


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