Newsday: 10 Reasons Why Clinton’s Losing

Newsday: Her Costly Mistakes

Very good synopsis of what’s happened to the Clinton campaign. Newsday endorsed Clinton in the primary early on. If things had gone differently Clinton surely would have had its endorsement for the General Election as well. There’s nothing there you don’t already know, but it lays things out very neatly. I would expand a bit on number 10, though, which is about the war:

10 IT WAS ALL ABOUT IRAQ AFTER ALL. Even though the economy has supplanted Iraq as the top issue, Clinton’s support of the 2002 resolution authorizing the invasion created a hard-core constituency of anti-Clinton Democrats.

Without Clinton’s longtime support of the war, Obama would have had a tougher time galvanizing his core supporters: online donors, students and anti-war groups like, experts say.

I think the keyword there is “longtime”. I think that Clinton’s war vote could have been forgiven. Most of us got over that with Kerry and with Edwards. But Kerry was one of the very earliest critics of it once it actually began and Edwards eventually said the vote was a mistake on his part. Clinton criticized only the execution of the war for a long time. At least I never heard her saying that it was the wrong war, or a war we didn’t need to have until it was very clear that she was running for president and that she’d have to say at least that.


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