The Beginning of Unity?

Hillary Clinton is speaking up for Barack Obama along with the party in general. John Edwards spoke long and eloquently about Clinton even as he was endorsing Obama. If this is orchestrated, good on everyone involved. There have been a lot of 180 turns in this campaign, but it’s beginning to look as though Hillary is starting the healing before ending her campaign. I think that’s great. It’s more effective that way. This is when her supporters are going to be listening to what she has to say. If my perception is correct, she might not have told Terry McCauliffe, but then maybe she tried but couldn’t get a word in edgewise.


2 responses to this post.

  1. That’s what we need more of. Now if we could get Obama to tell his supporters to stop acting like ‘Thuglicans when the trash Senator Clinton. (Sorry…I’m still smarting from getting my ass handed to me when I brought up this very point on Watergate Summer.)


  2. Oh, sorry about that. Believe me, though, the Thuglican behavior is going both ways. I know your point is that Obama appears to have it won and his supporters need to be magnanimous and I guess that’s true. I don’t get it on either side, though. I’ve supported more losers in primaries than otherwise and never felt about it the way some Clinton supporter seem to. I’m guessing that there’s some racism and some Republican sock puppetry afoot on the so-called Clinton side.


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