Thanks to Time Goes By

Before heading off to work, I want to thank Ronni Bennett for the link. I wouldn’t have asked, having almost dropped out of blogging/commenting for quite a while. After a while it’s just embarrassing to keep saying, “I’m back from that unplanned hiatus – again.” Therefore, I was pretty surprised to see a link to Senior Moments on Time Goes By. I am hoping that, while we’re sure to experience slowdowns, we’ll be able to keep a more steady level of service at Senior Moments.

Ronni is kind of the consumate Elderblogger. Not the eldest by a longshot, but in fact, she may have invented the term. I’m not sure about that. Anyway, thanks so much to Ronni for the link and for her wonderful blog.


One response to this post.

  1. We all have days when we feel it is more effort then it is worth to write a post so don’t feel bad about taking a few days off.


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