Wednesday Next President Blogging

Barack Obama

Okie dokie, it might not be over, but it’s a lot closer to done than it was 24 hours ago. May 20th is the date Obama’s campaign is looking at. So, here’s looking at you, May 20th. I guess we can endure a little longer.


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  1. Posted by raford on May 8, 2008 at 12:59 am

    Yeah, we can wait. We know it’s over, and so does Hillary.

    I’m thinking that if she stays in and runs against McCain while not attacking Obama, her staying in the race will be a good thing to pull more Democrats into the process.

    She’s our very own Huckabee!

    Also, I don’t think Obama has much of a chance in KY or WV, so I’d rather have her in the race and win those states than to have her our of the race and winning those states as I think that’s what will happen if she drops out now.

    And that would be a terrible talking point against Obama. I can already hear Hannity going apeshit saying, “Obama is so weak, he didn’t even win KY and WV after his opponent dropped out!”

    Of course that’s silly logic that doesn’t look at the whole picture, but people like Hannity won’t care


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