Obama Strikes Back

I’ve been out of the loop, I guess. I heard vague buzzing about Jeremiah Wright’s appearances, but I haven’t been paying as close attention as usual. Frankly, when the talking heads start braying about something like the Wright issue, it just seems like a more attractive option to opt out. Reverend Wright hasn’t bothered me much, in and of himself. I mean, he seems like a very familiar type and Obama seems like a totally different sort of person. End of story. For some of us. Not for the chattering classes and apparently not for a considerable number of Americans who seem to be spending way too much time worrying about some prototypical Angry Black Man. Now I’m caught up and I have to agree with those who say that Jeremiah Wright has been inclined to derail Obama right from the start.

Thanks to Roadkill Refugee for posting the video from Obama’s press conference today. Obama left no doubt about where he stands regarding Wright’s recent statements and behavior. It’s clear to him, too, I think that he now has to contend with both Clintons, McCain and the RNC and Reverend Wright. I sure hope that he can overcome this. Because if he can, he’ll be able to handle anything that he comes up against when he’s President Obama.


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