Convention Tension

Who knew Rush Limbaugh was so sentimental? He’s dreaming of riots at the Democratic convention this summer. He thinks it would be good for the country.

“We do, hopefully, the right thing for the sake of this country. We’re the only one in charge of our affairs. We don’t farm out our defense if we elect Democrats … and riots in Denver, at the Democratic Convention will see to it we don’t elect Democrats. And that’s the best damn thing that can happen to this country, as far as I can think,” Limbaugh said.

Sounds like inciting to riot to me. I’m sure it’s because it’s 40 years since the 1968 convention in Chicago. It’s another special anniversary. And what riots those were! We who weren’t there could watch it on the TV.

Chicago Police Riot, 1968

That’s the way I saw it. In grainy black and white. Mr. Yenta was there, but not as a protester. He was in the Navy, at Waukegan, and somehow found himself in Chicago right when things got interesting. He didn’t riot. He didn’t do any riot quelling either. As he remembers it, he met some interesting people who were there for the demonstrations and hung out and had a pretty good time. Wherever the action is, there’s always a world of things going on that don’t make for interesting television.

After it was all over there was the trial of the Chicago Eight Seven on conspiracy charges, which went on for what seemed like a very long time. Kind of like the primaries this year. If it turns out that we end up with a Denver Seven (or whatever number is called for) I think that Rush should get to be Defendant Number 1. He’d probably get off, but it would be kind of fun to see him tied to a chair and gagged for a while, just for giggles.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Would be a shame if there was a riot and Mr Limburgh gets a chair through his window. Crying shame.
    It does sound like he is actually inciting a riot to me, did he get into any trouble for his inflammatry words?


  2. He didn’t get in much trouble for sending his housekeeper out to score illegal drugs. He’s not likely to get in much hot water for this. Nonetheless, we live in hope.


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