All Along the Watchtower

WatchtowerWe’re huddling in the house. Laying low, as it were. Why? Because about 15 minutes ago an unfamiliar car parked across the street. After a little while its passengers emerged and and sent residents into their homes faster than a swarm of killer bees. There were two nicely dressed young women and a man in a sport jacket and slacks, each carrying either an armload of something or other or a briefcase. On a Saturday afternoon, that can only mean Jehovah’s Witnesses. They’re working the other side of the street now, but they know we’re home. We were outside when they pulled up. Maybe we’ll pretend we went out the back way.

It’s gotta be rough to be a Jehovah’s Witness. You’re obligated to go knocking on doors knowing full well that no one wants to talk to you. The reason I don’t want to talk to them is that they’re so nice. Nobody likes to say, “Sorry, not interested.” to nice people. But if you leave any opening for conversation – that’s the ballgame. Whatever you were planning for the next half hour, or sometimes much longer, is out the window.

When I was much younger, I used to get involved in conversations with them. Witnesses would come to the door and they’d often open the conversation with arguments against evolution. I’d present my arguments on the other side. No one got anywhere convincing anyone of anything. The disheartening thing is that thirty-some odd years ago, Jehovah’s Witnesses’ had beliefs that were farther out there than they seem to be today. Here in the suburbs of New York, we didn’t come across too many people who had any doubts about evolution or who believed that we were in the midst of religiously prophesied endtimes. Sure, there were those who believed that wafers and wine literally turned into the body and blood of Jesus Christ, but while Catholics were in the majority, literalists were not. There seem to be a lot more fundamentalists of all types now than then.

As you get older, you realize that it’s probably a good thing that we can only guess at the future. It would have been so discouraging to know in 1970 that the new millennium would not only fail to bring flying cars, we’d be having more arguments about evolution than we had back then.

I think they’re gone now. We had a brief thunderstorm and the car is gone. They never came here at all. Did we send out some particular infidel vibes?


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  1. Like you, i often get into conversations with Jehovah’s and such like but i am always equally deplored and impressed at the same time by their refusal to accept anything whatsoever that may be against their beliefs despite what evidence you present.
    I don’t have a problem with saying no thank you and closing the door though.


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