The Glass Is Half Full

Kos:Dem Fighting a Good Thing

Kos makes a number of cogent arguments for why the Primary Contest That Wouldn’t Die is a good thing for the Democratic party. He’s probably right. I hope he’s right. Being a Democratic voter means that you know what it feels like to see defeat grasped from the jaws of victory. In our house, we’re Democrats and Mets fans, so you know that we’re no strangers to crushing disappointment. Listening to the Punditry you’d think that a contested primary is equal to that all too familiar circular firing squad.

Even so, I thought that some of the Sunday Talking Heads were really stretching a point in order to predict gloom and doom for the Dems. I forget which show I was watching – probably Chris Matthews or Meet the Press. There were heads, they were talking. It all becomes a blur after a while. Anyway, there was much hand wringing about a convention floor fight. After all, they said, remember the Republicans in 1976 and the Democrats in ’80. They lost, didn’t they? Well, yes. But the losing candidates were incumbents. Rule of thumb: When an incumbent has a tough fight for renomination, the problems probably didn’t start with the contest.


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  1. I was nine in 1980, but that really was a fight…whew! If the Dems can survive that, they ought to be able to survive anything. It has caused this ugly “Super-delegate” thing, so I guess that fight is still its’ head.


  2. Well, the Dems didn’t really survive that one…we got Ronald Reagan and things haven’t really been the same since. But as I said in the post, Jimmy Carter was the incumbent. If the incumbent isn’t the presumptive nominee right from the beginning, that means there’s trouble brewing, floor fight or no.


  3. Carter helped with that Dept of Ed. thing has has me ticked off!?!?!?!

    How did Kennedy not beat him?


  4. Posted by raford on April 8, 2008 at 12:21 am

    I really don’t think this race will get to the convention. Hillary will lose in NC and probably in IN. At that point, she’ll see that she can’t possibly win and go to the convention with thousands of spirited supporters who will love the great speech she gives and then cheer when she and Obama hug.

    Or am I naive?


  5. I see the danger as the two Dems candidates cutting each other to pieces even before the Republican Party gets to grips with them. I just hope they sort it out without damaging each other too much first because then McCain could just step back and let the Dems do his job of dismantling the opposition for him.


  6. Posted by thatsrightnate on April 8, 2008 at 6:37 pm

    I think its an awesome thing 🙂


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