New Addition to the Family.

New ToyWell, no progress at the doctor. Another small step backward, in fact. The doctor doesn’t seem too worried about it, and he’s been right on Mr. Yenta’s various health problems for a lot of years. But we will be going back tomorrow morning, same time, same tests.

After we got home the doorbell rang and Mr. Yenta said, “l’ll get it.” He never says that when he’s feeling great, let alone when he’s supposed to be resting. I knew something was up. My laptop had passed away from serious case of fried motherboard recently. I didn’t consider replacing it because, frankly, it’s a luxury we really can’t afford right now. There are an awful lot of us using the desktop, though, and who am I to get all practical when my husband buys me a gift? So, he got the door and came back with a brand new Dell Inspiron with lots of everything – drive space, RAM, video RAM, whatever else you need. Moving into a new computer is always a job and a half, but it’s also always a chance to do it right the first time. You know, not cluttering it up with a lot of stuff you won’t use. Until you find new stuff to clutter it up with.

I installed Photoshop with Image Ready and Dreamweaver. They’re both ancient copies, from back when I had a job that provided them, but they’re like old friends. I’m going to have to decide what I’m going to use instead, though, because they’re getting seriously outdated. I don’t open Photoshop nearly as much as I used to. I’m no graphic artist and everything else I need to do I can pretty much do with Photoscape or Picnik but there are still some things that Photoshop or Image Ready seems to do best.

Office software is different and that’s more of a problem when it’s old. I didn’t have a very recent copy of MS Office. I could probably get one from work, but I’ve been wanting to try Open Office for the longest, so I downloaded that. So far, so good. Now I have to go get the freebies I’ve come to know and love:

  • Firefox -got that first. Now I have to get the extensions.First I have to remember which ones I use.
  • Irfanview Everyone needs this one. If it’s binary and Irfanview can’t open it, you probably don’t want it.
  • Photoscape This one is newer to me. It’s a nice image viewer and editor.
  • Filezilla – My FTP client of choice
  • IZArc -for zipping and unzipping. Beats the Windows thingy

Then there are the passwords and logins to dredge up. So, it looks like we’ll be home the rest of the week, but there’s not going to be a problem about keeping busy.


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